TRAINING Team Building: How to Build Successful Work Teams

TRAINING Team Building:

How to Build Successful Work Teams

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The term “team” and “teamwork” are very familiar today in the world of work, but the actual meaning of maybe a lot of people who do not understand. The fundamental difference of the two terms is located on the system, where teamwork is the way or system of team work. Team and teamwork can not be separated. Without the teamwork, the team only just working group. Therefore, it is necessary to understand more about the team and teamwork. But the question that arises is how to create a team that just does not work alone group, and how teamwork into working systems that support team success.
Establish a strong working culture through work teams would be very important for organizations to achieve success. Culture of teamwork involving values ​​(values), beliefs (beliefs), comprehension (understandings) and the methods used to achieve something where it will make the team members have a sense of identity. A team leader is required to have excellent skills in team building and how to manage the character of each member of the team to minimize conflicts that might arise from the ego of each individual. In addition the team leader should also be able to build a culture of teamwork and encourage team members to actively participate in the team process and communication.

In order to achieve these objectives, the need for a fundamental understanding of the members of the organization about how to manage your self, manage teams and managing work. One effort that can be taken by the management is through continuous training. Thus, participants are expected to have the motivation that never subsided and always hungry for achievement, able to be a visionary leader, dared to accept the challenge and responsibility, it is easy to establish effective communication, and understand how to form a solid team and effective.

  • Stimulate and provide insight to the nature of the participants will be working team (Team Basic).
  • Participants have the same perception about the things you want and must be accomplished by a team.
  • Able to form a group members who have cultural identity and achievements
  • Ability to lead a group to be effective and productive team and fun
  • Distinguish which jobs are best done individually and which are done with teamwork.
  • Understand and be able to implement how to achieve synergy through team effort.
  • Creating cohesion and encourage the group to be a solid team and excel
  • Control and monitor the progress, future plans and evaluates work performance of subordinate development
  • Intra & Interpersonal Relation
  • Team Problem Solving
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Distinguish effective group and ineffective
  • Conflict and competition within the team
  • Team Reflection

We need to realize that good Teamwork is a process, and not obtained with only a two-day training course. But training is needed as a first step to change the paradigm, or could be said training was the trigger and a refresher for those who want to develop her skills through team building training.


This is the basic approach to training adult learning models (adult learning) and outdoor activities that focus on the Action & Reflection models. By combining the then target of training you want to target will be more easily achieved. The time allocation is two days for indoor activities (delivery of content) and one day for outdoor activities


Therefore based on the training methodology is designed with the following conditions:

  1. Opening & Ice breaking
  2. Framework for Training
    • briefing
    • An understanding of the mission (Mission Assessment) and Planning
    • Implementation of Activity (Action) and Reflection
    • Evaluation
    • Debriefing
  3. The group formed a Productive and Achievement
    • Team Effectiveness Model
    • Confidence and trust building in effective team
    • Synergies in groups
    • CommunicationasKey tothe success ofteamwork
  4. Effective Leadership
    • Identify the characteristics of effective leaders
    • Establish and develop effective working group
    • Right Person and the Right Job
  5. Create synergy and cohesion in the group
    • Create a sense of mutual trust (trust) as adhesive group
    • Establish effective communication in work groups
    • Sharing and Active listening
  6. Conflict and Increased Productivity
    • Process and types of conflict
    • Conflicts are effective and how to introduce it
    • Techniques to overcome conflicts and create productivity
  7. Feed-Back and Coaching
    • Feedback as a performance monitoring tool subordinates
    • Coachingas a toolforthe development ofsubordinates
  8. Do What You Do Best
  9. Outbound Session I
  10. Outbound Session II
  11. Evaluation



Saeful Zaman, S.Psi

Instructor is a HR practitioner who has a psychology background concentrations education industry, experienced as a teacher or trainer in various organizations / institutions and practitioners in the field of human resources development and designing organizations.


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