PELATIHAN Tata Kelola TI (Kerangka Praktik Terbaik untuk Perencanaan dan Penerapan untuk Keunggulan Kompetitif)

TRAINING Tata Kelola TI (Kerangka Praktik Terbaik untuk Perencanaan dan Penerapan untuk Keunggulan Kompetitif)

PELATIHAN Tata Kelola TI (Kerangka Praktik Terbaik untuk Perencanaan dan Penerapan untuk Keunggulan Kompetitif)

Deskripsi PELATIHAN Tata Kelola TI (Kerangka Praktik Terbaik untuk Perencanaan dan Penerapan untuk Keunggulan Kompetitif) :

PELATIHAN Tata Kelola TI (Kerangka Praktik Terbaik untuk Perencanaan dan Penerapan untuk Keunggulan Kompetitif)“The Board of Directors is well aware of its role to oversee the company’s organizational strategies, structures, systems, staff, performance and standards. As President, it is my responsibility to ensure that they extend that oversight to the company’s IT as well, particularly with our growing reliance on IT for competitive advantage, we simply cannot afford to apply to our IT anything less than the levelof commitment we apply to overall governance.”

The issues, opportunities and challenges of effectively governing an organization’s Information Technology (IT) demands and resources has become a major concern of the Board and executive management in enterprises on a global basis. Therefore, an integrated and comprehensive approach to the governance of IT and its resources is becoming critical to more effectively align, invest, measure, deploy and sustain the strategic and tactical direction and value proposition of IT in support of the business.

Tujuan PELATIHAN Tata Kelola TI (Kerangka Praktik Terbaik untuk Perencanaan dan Penerapan untuk Keunggulan Kompetitif) :

* Strategic alignment of IT with the business
* Responsible utilization of assets and resources
* Ensures that IT delivers on its plans and commitments
* Establishes and/or improves accountability of all constituents
* Manages risks and contingencies proactively
* Improves IT accountability, audit-ability, compliance, performance and maturity
* The material leverages and integrates current and emerging industry best practices, standards, guidelines and leading company case studies.

Materi PELATIHAN Tata Kelola TI (Kerangka Praktik Terbaik untuk Perencanaan dan Penerapan untuk Keunggulan Kompetitif) :

Module 1 : Executive Summary
* Executive’s View of IT
* Definition and Purpose of IT Governance
* IT Governance Assessment Maturity Model
* Integrated IT Governance Framework and Roadmap
* Key Governance Roles, Responsibilities and Accountability
* IT Governance Decision Rights
* Demand Management
* Balanced Score Card for Business and IT
* Prerequisites for Creating a Successful IT Governance Program
* Future State of IT Governance – A Blueprint Concept

Module 2 : Foundations of IT Governance
* Why Do Organizations Need an IT/Business Governance Policy and Process
* Value propositions from Best-in-Class Companies on Governance
* Key IT Resources and Functions to be Managed
* Three Critical Pillars of IT Governance – Organization/People, Process and Technology
* Results of Ineffective IT Governance
* Steps in Making IT Governance Real
* A Generic Governance Process Improvement Model
* A First Step – Understand Current Maturity of IT Governance

Module 3 : Integrated IT Governance Framework and Roadmap
* Benefits of Using an Integrated IT Governance Framework
* Integrated IT Governance Framework and Roadmap
* Select Examples of Current and Emerging Business/IT Strategy and Governance Best Practice Reference Models, Frameworks and Standards

Module 4 : Business/IT Alignment Excellence
* The Board’s Role in Driving Business/ IT Alignment
* Principles of Aligning IT to the Business More Effectively
* Business and IT Plan Integration Flow
* Business and IT Strategy Development Framework and Outline
* IT/Business Alignment & Portfolio Management Triangle
* The Five Stages of IT Investment (Portfolio) Management Maturity
* IT Engagement (Relationship) Model

Module 5 : Program/Project Management (PM) Excellence
* Value Propositions of PM from Leading Organizations
* Principle for Achieving Excellence in Program/Project Management
* PM Maturity Model
* Linking IT/Business Plans to PM and Beyond
* PM Life Cycle Phases, Components and Key Templates
* IT Demand Management Gate Process Flow and Select Decision Criteria
* Fast Track versus Complex PM Initiatives (Scalable and Flexible Process)
* PM Governance and Escalation Framework
* PM Key Metrics – Mandatory and Discretionary
* The Roles of the Program Management Office (PMO)

Module 6 : IT Service Management and Delivery (ITSMD) Excellence
* Principles for Achieving IT Service Management and Delivery Excellence
* Benefits of IT Service Management and Delivery
* What is ITIL and Why is ITIL Different?
* ITIL Framework and an Overview of the Twelve Process Areas of
* ITIL (e.g. configuration mgt., asset/financial mgt., incident mgt., problem mgt., change mgt., release mgt., service level mgt., capacitymgt., service continuity mgt., capacity, mgt, etc.)
* Steps in Making ITIL Real
* IT Service management and Delivery Assessment Maturity Model
* Conducting a ITSMD Health Check
* Select ITSMD Metrics

Module 7 : Outsourcing and Vendor Management Excellence
* The IT Balancing Dilemma
* The Outsourcing Decision-Making Scorecard
* Major Outsourcing Trends, Issues and Challenges
* Differences Between Domestic and Off Shore Deals
* Empowering Executives to Outsource
* Vendor Selection Process Flow
* Key Vendor Evaluation Criteria
* Key Governance Roles, Processes and KPIs
* Summary Steps in Vendor/Outsourcing Selection, Contract Negotiations and Management

Module 8 : Performance Management, Management Controls and Risk Management
* Principles for Achieving Performance Management Excellence
* What Key Performance Indicators Should Be Tracked?
* Linking Critical Success Factors to Key Performance Indicators
* Governance Calendar and Balanced Scorecard
* Select Examples of KPIs in Support of IT Governance Components
* Key IT Management Controls
* Risk Assessment, Management and Mitigation

Module 9
* Summary,
* Lessons Learned,
* Critical Success Factors and Next Steps

Module 10
* Select Case Studies

Module 11
* Discussion

Peserta PELATIHAN Tata Kelola TI (Kerangka Praktik Terbaik untuk Perencanaan dan Penerapan untuk Keunggulan Kompetitif) :

The seminar has been designed specifically for Executives (CXOs, VPs, Directors and/or Managers) involved with or responsible for directing, planning and implementing and sustaining an IT governance policy and process. It is intended to be a, “How to Seminar on IT Governance,” that is pragmatic, actionable and useable on Monday morning and takes you through a step by step approach to help transition an organization from its current state to a future state of a higher level of IT governance maturity and effectiveness

The seminar has something for everyone who is or should be involved in the process – ranging from an Executive Overview of IT Governance to more detailed modules that address alignment, execution (e.g. Program/Project Management, IT Service Management and Delivery), performance management, risk management and mitigation, outsourcing, etc.).


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