This course covers the theory, operation, maintenance and testing of power transformers and auxiliary equipment. Topics included are transformer fundamentals, transformer ratings, transformer cooling, nitrogen gas systems and insulation systems. The source concludes with in-depth discussions on transformer testing techniques. This course is applicable to technicians and engineers who need a sound understanding of power transformer operation and maintenance.

Students will learn safe and proper maintenance and testing procedures on pad-mounted, power transformers. The course covers transformers used in commercial and industrial power distribution systems, including oil and dry-type units. Larger power transformers used in utility applications are also covered.

Load and no-load tap changer maintenance, ac and dc testing, routine inspections and oil sampling and testing are covered in detail. Students will learn how to perform routine oil tests, and understand how to perform the major tests that are required. A variety of electrical test equipment from various manufacturer’s will be discussed.

Upon completion of this course, the participant should be able to:

v Explain the basic operation of a transformer.

v Discuss turns ratios and calculate terminal voltage and current.

v Discuss terminal markings and various single phase and three phase wiring schemes. (WYE vs DELTA).

v Explain how to perform a polarity test on a potential transformer.

v Discuss the electrical testing performed on transformers such as insulation resistance testing, excitation and power factor testing.

v Discuss the various tests performed on insulating oil.

1. Transformer Principles

Ø Transformers

Ø Right Hand Rule

Ø Magnetic Flux

Ø Magnetic Induction

Ø Left Hand RuleTurns Ratio

Ø Transformer Losses

Ø Transformer Types

2. Vector Diagrams

Ø Operating Principles

Ø Operation Without Load

Ø Operation with Load

3. Transformer Classifications

Ø Service Classification

Ø Instrument Transformers

a. Current

b. Potential

4. Transformer Construction (Construction)

Ø Magnetizing Circuits

Ø Losses

a. Hysteresis Loss

b. Eddy-Current Loss

Ø Efficiency

5. Cooling

Ø AirCooled Oil-Immersed

a. Water-Cooled

b. Forced-Oil Cooling

c. Self-Cooling with Air Blast

Ø Temperature Limits

Ø Transformer Loading

6. Tap Changers

Ø No-Load Tap Changer

Ø Tap Changing Under Load

Ø Phase-Angle Control

7. Transformer Connections

Ø Single Phase Circuits

Ø Two-Phase Circuits

Ø Three-Phase Circuits

8. Transformer Maintenance

Ø Insulation Testing

Ø High Potential Testing

Ø Turns Ratio Testing

Ø Polarity Testing

Ø Power Factor

Ø Excitation Current

Ø DC Winding Resistance

Ø Polarization Recovery

Ø Insulating Fluid Dielectric

Ø Dissolved Gas Analysis

9. Transformers and Relaying

Ø Transformer Faults

Ø Differential Relaying

a. Normal Load

b. External Faults

c. Internal Faults


Teguh Santosa, Ir

· Expert in Electrical Engineering

· Experienced in many project of Electrical

Field and shop technicians, field engineers, supervisors and others responsible for the testing and maintenance of power transformers rated 750kVA to 500MVA and 4.16kV to 500kV.


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